The Bindery

The Southern Bookcrafts Club has a dedicated bindery in Winchester (Hampshire). Recent (late-2017) minor changes by our landlord have resulted in more useable space.  We now have up to 15 workplaces in a room 8.7 x 5.5 metres.  This includes a small kitchen area, and we have direct access to shared toilet facilities. 
There has been a major re-configuration of the bindery and the photos here will be updated shortly.
All full members of SBC become 24/7 keyholders and have access to a large inventory of standing and hand tools and materials. There is a free interchange of experience and ideas beween members, who meet regularly on Friday mornings and otherwise as they choose.
Training Days are arranged monthly on Saturdays at additional cost and are open to both members and visitors.

Standing tools include standing, nipping, laying and finishing presses, two finishing stoves, a small blocking press (chase 12.5 x 5.8 cm and over 25 sets of brass type between 6pt and 32pt), a powered guillotine, large Board Chopper, three paring stones, and two  vertical drills. Hand tools include 12 sets of brass hand letters (“H” height from 8pt to 21pt), 52 decorative hand tools, approx 35 gouges, pallets and fillets.

A stock of board, mull, bookcloth, foils (most materials except leather, expensive papers etc.) is maintained for sharing as agreed at members’ expense.

There is a very large cutting area.

We have several chests for storin
g paper and board.

Each member also has individual storage facilities.