New to Bookbinding?

If you are interested in learning about bookbinding you have come to the right place. No other club, tutor or college in Southern England offers such affordable, flexible and complete beginners courses.

The courses for beginners are split into two: an Introductory Course followed by an optional Intermediate Course. Normally you will need to complete the Introductory Course before starting the Intermediate Course.

The courses will progressively help you understand and practice the basic methods and techniques of making books. Once completed, the courses provide the foundation for further developing your skills and pursuing your own bookbinding/ bookcraft interests.

You can start the Introductory Course at any point during the year and attend on one of our Club Days. So you might be working alongside other beginners who are at a different stage.

You can work at your own pace in the bindery and get help and support from the tutor whenever you like. As you progress you will become more independent as you repeat some of the processes and techniques already learnt.

Once you have completed the courses, the Club provides excellent facilities and further guidance for any beginner that would like to join as a member. 


Introductory/Intermediate Course summary

  •  Introductory Course = 6 half-day sessions
  •  Intermediate Course = 6 half-day sessions
  • Choose to attend either a Tuesday or Friday morning or Wednesday evening, with some flexibility to swap days subject to availability.
  • Choose your course start date, subject to availability of places
  • Carry over sessions for a reasonable period to allow for holidays/sickness
  • All tools and materials provided
  • Courses developed and refined over many years
  • Personal tuition by an experienced bookbinder
  • Fully equipped bindery
  • Rewarding, fun and stimulating
  • Total cost for Introductory Course £60
  • Total cost for Intermediate course £80
For further information contact our Training Co-ordinator:

Introductory Course content

During this course you will make five different types of book with different cloth/paper covers containing plain paper content:

Project 1 Full binding: 3 hole simple pamphlet stitch with cloth cover

Project 2 Half binding: 5 hole simple pamphlet stitch with coloured end papers and cloth spine

Project 3 Three quarter binding: 5 hole simple pamphlet stitch with tipped on coloured end papers and cloth spine/corners

Project 4 Stub binding with 5 hole simple pamphlet stitch with tipped on coloured end papers, infilled boards and card spine

Project 5  Flat-backed book with 5 sewn sections using French link stitch and cloth cover


Intermediate Course content

This builds on the skills learnt on the Introductory Course by making different types of books and bindings as well as a slipcase to enclose the books made in Projects 1-8.

On completion of both courses, the practical elements of City and Guilds Level 1 Bookbinding will have been covered.

Project 6                  Rounded and backed cloth covered book

Project 7                  Paperback with card cover

Project 8                  Simple photograph album using stubs

Project 9                  Slip case to hold books 1-8

Project 10                Sewing Exercise

Project 11 Appropriate book repair of your choice or Japanese stab binding/Coptic binding/Leather spine



For those interested in starting bookbinding professionally, or at least obtaining a recognised qualification, the City and Guilds qualification is based upon learning how something is done and then practising what has been learned until a high quality result is obtained that will satisfy the Assessors involved.  For those seeking City and Guilds qualification, membership of the Club provides, for an economical price, the facility of in-house training to discover how something should be done, technical support throughout the year, and the space, equipment, materials and time (24 hour availability, seven-day-a-week access) to achieve the required results. 

For details of the City & Guilds qualification go here.