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Previous Training Days


18th January        Maureen Duke on Corners
22nd February     Maureen Duke on Headbands
22nd March         Maureen Duke on Endpapers
26th April            Marysa de Veer on making up books with thick sections
24th May             Maureen Duke - Finishing for the Frightened
21st June             Maureen Duke on Slip Cases
19th July              Maureen Duke on Sewing
20th September   Maureen Duke on Onlays
25th October       John Green on Binding Single Sheets
22nd November   John Green on Paperback to Hardback


24th January          Freya Scott on Photographing Books
21st February        Maureen Duke on Re-backing Cloth Cased Books
21st March            Maureen Duke on Onlays
25th April              John Green on Boxes
23rd May             Sonia Bradford on Repairing Pages & Cleaning Paper
12th September    Linda and Steven Orriss on Coptic Binding
17th October        Maureen Duke on Miniature Books
 21st November     Christine Gibbs on Paper


16th January         Maureen Duke on Finishing with Foil
20th February        Maureen Duke on Covering & Repairing Corners
19th March            Sonia Bradford on Beyond The Basics of Paper Repair
16th April              David Mills on Sharpening & Paring
18th June              Rachel Ward- Sale on Post Binding

17th September     Janine Pope on Decorative End & Cover Papers 
15th October        
Maureen Duke on End Papers - 6 types
19th November     
Maureen Duke on Illustrative Onlays
10th December     
Kate Holland on Edge Decoration


18th February       Janine Pope on Non-Adhesive Bindings and Exposed Sewing
19th February       Janine Pope on Hedi Kyle structures
18th March           Rachel Ward-Sale on Binding single sheets and Binding Music
22nd April             Maureen Duke on Finishing with gold leaf
17th June             Maureen Duke on Spring Back / Ledger Binding

19th August          Maureen Duke on Paper Bindings
21st October         David Mills on Design lettering on volumes
18th November      Dieter Räder on Dyeing Leather
16th December     John Green on Case Bindings re-visited


17/18 February     Paul Johnson on Paper Engineering
17th March           David Mills on Further adventures in finishing
21st April              Martin Frost on Fore Edge Painting
19th May              Kathy Abbott on End Bands
16th June             John Green on Boxes
15th September    John Green on Boxes (rounded spine) and self-supporting cradle
6th October          Arthur Green on Non-adhesive paper binding
17th November      Sonia Bradford on Further adventures in paper conservation
15th December      Eliza Bruml on The Victorian Album


19 January      David Mills on Preparing for leather binding
16 February    Eliza Bruml on Miniature Books
18 March        David Mills on Preparation for quarter leather binding
6 April            Nick Cowlishaw on Library Binding
18 May           Tracey Bush on Working with content, the artist's book form
17 August       Marysa de Veer on Book repair and restoration
19/21 September  John Green on Box Workshop (run twice)
16+17 November David Mills on Millimetre binding (2 days)