Book bin
ding and book restoration are contemporary crafts in which many of the
techniques and materials are similar
to those used in the 16th century and before. But they are hugely relevant in the 21st century – there are literally millions of urgent projects as libraries and private collections deteriorate with age and use.
Also there is great demand for fine bound books for collectors, and as gifts.

The techniques are such that beginners can quickly learn to produce work that is useful, robust and attractive.

Craft bookbinding is an unusual hobby, and nowadays not generally easy to take up. Evening classes and training courses for beginners are hard to find, perhaps because quite long sessions and some quite bulky equipment and tools are needed.

However people who do find a way of getting started find it very rewarding. At most levels of skill, one can produce robust and attractive bindings for favourite volumes, prolonging their life and increasing the pleasure of using them.

If you are new to bookbinding then see here for details of how you can start with us.

If you have some bookbinding experience already then joining the Southern Bookcrafts Club as a Full Member gives access to an extremely wide range of tools and materials in a very pleasant working environment.