Having moved to larger premises in late-2013 the Southern Bookcrafts Club has now expanded to about 25 Full active members. There is space in the bindery to support this number and more, and new members are very welcome.
The majority of our members live in Hampshire but others come from Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, and West Sussex - generally within a 50-mile radius of Winchester.

Although we are primarily amateur bookbinders the club can provide excellent facilities for those starting up, or returning to the craft after a break, professionally.

Full membership is £360 per annum (comparable with three terms at a single local authority evening class). Membership can be paid on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis - as individual members wish.

We welcome visitors, who are able to assess the benefits of joining. There is a discretionary (Introductory) membership at a lower subscription rate to enable those new to bookbinding to give it a try and see if it is a craft they would like to pursue. Usually we have 3-4 such members at any one time.

Feel free to come by on a Friday morning to meet us. If possible contact our Club Secretary beforehand to let us know you are coming.

There is a free interchange of experience and ideas between members, many of whom meet regularly on Friday mornings and otherwise as they choose. We recognise that sharing knowledge is the best way of improving our skills. Additionally our monthly Training Days (open to both members and non-members) provide extra skills for those who wish to improve further.

We also encourage members to join the Society of Bookbinders and take advantage of the conferences, seminars, training and meetings offered by the SoB.


All full members of Southern Bookcrafts Club become 24/7
keyholders to the bindery and have access to
a large inventory of equipment, tools and materials.